“Hi, my name is Giana Randazzo and I am the creator of Color Wheel “tinted” toothpaste, the one true whitening toothpaste in the world. Now I know others have made this claim but our product works instantly and has now become, what some are calling, a game changer in teeth whitening!”

It is supported by the elementary truths of the color wheel taught to us by the familiar name of Sir Isaac Newton. Our formula uses a secondary color (purple) hue that mixed with the primary color (yellow), will give you the end result that we all want to achieve, clean (white) teeth, it’s that simple.

“As a hair stylist by trade, I mix colors every day to give both men and women the desired look and color of their choosing. One day, while working at the salon, the idea that hair and teeth are both made up of protein popped in my head. My thought was, if I can remove yellow tones while coloring hair, why can’t I do the same with teeth. A few months later, the very first “tinted” toothpaste was born and the best thing about this product, it works, it really works. Now be sure to apply generously and WATCH CLOSELY AS YOU FINGER SWIPE!”

Giana Randazzo
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